1. This is my love

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    I fucking detest this blind hero-worship 

    (often male)

    (often fucking blind)

    (not the participants themselves, not the individuals)

    (the system, yo. the system)


  3. Straight White Boy Problem #41


    I know more about wiz khalifa than my own family history


  4. I’ve come out of such a crazy couple of years, I don’t even know what to do with myself now that nothing is changing at light speed. How does one slow down? How does one enjoy that? How does one please herself? How does one gain employment? How does one go on a diet? How does one craft original style? How does one make love? How does one practice independence? How does one get married? Start a family? Have friends for life? Find the perfect mentor? See death and become stronger because of it? Fall out of love and learn to relish solitude? Fall in love and know euphoric weakness? Dye her roots, rip apart her leather boots, and brave the next block with 3 minutes left of daylight?

    Find your mountain top and hold your breath;


  5. Does the present exceed my past? I’m not sure.

    I feel like I need something mind-blowing to happen right now, and change me, and change my life, and change my outlook, all for the better, just blow my fucking mind, so that I walk down the street with purpose as the camera zooms out and a great song fades in as credits begin rolling down the screen. And I think the difference is now, post-prozac, post-breakdown, post-all-the-uphill-battles, etc. etc. etc., I see this as a real possibility.

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  7. You want good grades? Ok:

    -follow the rules

    -say nothing new

    -don’t challenge my ideas



  8. In 500 Years’ Time

    kids in high school English classes will be reading rap music - because that is the poetry of our time. If not rap music, popular music. Because when we learn the Elizabethan Age flowered with dramatic literature, kids 500 years from now will know that in the Millennial Age intricate corporate systems powered popular musicians and artists into what they called “stardom,” save for a few exceptional outliers. Our Shakespeare is their Kanye West. Their Super Bowl is our Globe Theatre.

    It may seem superficial now because it’s popular - but I’m placing my bet: 500 years from now it will be ART.


  9. How to Be An Individual


  10. Everyone can be strong enough.

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  13. writin dat novella ella ella eh eh eh

  14. i love you

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